Chemistry is the science which can see beyond the unseen, capable of analyzing even the composition of life, nature, air, water with proof while others merely theorize, analyze or dissect”. We breathe O2, drink H2O and sprinkle NaCl on our food. Each of these air, water and salt is a chemical compound, made from naturally occurring chemical elements. There are about 90 of these chemical building blocks that can be found in nature.Out of 90, 30 building blocks, nature can assemble millions of different substances. Chemists have studied how these substances are built and how their structures relate to their interactions with other substances. The Department is trying its best to make students understand all these substances, to analyze substances out of the available raw materials and to predict the properties of a new compound before they go to their practical lab. Well-equipped laboratory consists of U.V-Visible Spectrophotometer, Melting point apparatus, Water bath, Oven, Chromatographic chamber, Electronic balance, Centrifuge apparatus, Gas facility, etc.


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