Zoology is one of the basic subject or rather say, one of the strongest pillar of life science.The animal kingdom probably contains more than 10 million different species;the vast majority still remains unidentified by scientists. As Loyola College is established in the center of the region with the miles and miles stretch of untouched forest along with the dense biodiversity yet to be revealed,The Badalkhol Sanctuary, the smallest of its kind in the State of Chhattisgarh is situated in Jashpur district, not far from Kunkuri. It consists of endemic species and wide variety of Wild life. Hence special emphasis on the well-developed Zoology laboratory is well justified. As this area is under research and need to be studied further, this is the future plan of this college. The Department is planning to promote research in the area of sericulture, pisciculture, and bee keeping. etc.


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