Maintaining & Utilizing


The laboratories have fully furnished with CCTVs, well maintained equipment’s. They are designed with accommodative structures to do experiments. Students can interact with teachers and peer to peer which helps them in experimentation, research and exploration. Keeping in the mind the need and essentiality of gaining knowledge by experimenting and the important of technology in today’s world. The 14 Intercom connectivity is installed in each department from the principal’s office.

(i) Physics Lab. students can accommodate up to 40 while doing their experiments and its area is 17.78 x 8.70 m2.

(ii) Computer Lab. is having 49 systems. Students can do their practical’s and its area is 17.78 x 8.70 m2.

(iii) Chemistry Lab. can accommodate up to 80 students to do their practical’s at a time and its area is 17.78 x 8.70 m2.

(iv) Microbiology/ Biotechnology Lab can accommodate up to 50 students to do their practical’s and its area is 17.78 x 8.70 m2.

(v) Zoology Lab. can accommodate up to 40 students to do their practical’s and its area is 8.70 x 9.30 m2 and Botany Lab can also accommodate 60 students at a time and do their experiments. Its area is 17.78 x 8.70 m2.

(vi) Geography, the Lab is divided into two parts: classroom and lab room since students can do their most of the practical in the field and its area is 8.70 x 9.30 m2.


The library is stocked with unified books as well reference books of foreign authors with latest edition. We have a spacious library and a reading room. There are number of books kept to know about today’s changing world and present situations. We have 50 book shelves and 7889 books. The facilities are provided to the students 20 tables and 20 benches for study purpose and its area is 16.16 x 11.88 m2. There are five computers with internet facility for the students for surfing the subject materials.


The classrooms are fully furnished with CCTV, Green Board and 40 desks. The classrooms can accommodate up to 80 students. We have Wi-Fi enabled campus, on which each department is made WhatsApp Group, which can facilitate students to discuss academic topics, submit their assignments online, see their class notes and study materials. There are four lecture halls which can accommodate up to 120 students. The area of classrooms is occupied by 8.70 x 9.30 m2 and lecture/seminar halls are occupied by 10.10 x 8.08 m2. Twelve Sound systems are installed along the corridors to conduct prayer services and give information from Principal.

Sports complex:

College provides sports and games exercise to our body to make us physically strong and increase our stamina. Loyola college organize sports day for all students. Indoor games like Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, and Badminton. Outdoor games are Kabaddi, Khokho, Cricket, Basket Ball and Foot Ball. The Loyola Jesuit institution is having play grounds (three Football ground cum hockey/cricket ground and one Basketball ground. The total play ground is 7.95 acres. Timing is fixed for individual games but outdoor game is after 2.30 pm. Sport officer organizes the inter-class tournament for all students. Our students participate in various games in the University level and State level. The requirement of sports and games are available in the college. Details are given below in the table –

           100ydr x 60yds       or    91.40mt x 55mt. Hockey
          28.65m x 15.24m Basket Ball
          18m x 9m Volley Ball
          100-130Yds x 50-100Yds  or  90-100m x 49-90m Football Ground
          13.40m x  6.10m Badminton
          13m x 10m Kabaddi
          27m x 16m Kho-Kho
          Pitch-  20m x 2.65m Cricket
          200 m Track
          1.67m x 3.34m Shotput
          1.25m x 2.50m Discus
           8m x 4m Jevilion
           8m x 4m High Jump
           8m x 4m Long Jump

Gym Centre:

The ultimate goal of a GYM is to help make its members healthier. We have GYM facilities in our college. Equipment’s are kept in B-Block building in the basements closed to the library. Its area is 11.08m x 8.68m. There are equipment’s like tread mill, Multigym, Bike exercise and Cycle exercise.

Computer Lab:

In our college, there are 49 computer systems and its area is 17.78 x 8.70 m2, the Department is very much aware of its important in the field of IT so teachers involve students to write projects and guide them to know the versatile nature of the computers. We have a well-equipped computer lab with internet connectivity. The internet facility is available to give the students the unlimited free access to various academic resources which are available on the internet. The equipment’s in Computer Laboratory are maintained by technical staff under the supervision of the HOD and teachers and the computer systems are well arranged.