Prinicpal's Message

Loyola College is entering 10th year of its service since its existence in 2005. In these past nine years it has grown very rapidly in all spheres. On 1st Feb 2014, we inaugurated a new gigantic college building. Our purpose is to provide metropolitan facilities in this rural area like internet, e-library, career point, CCTV camera, multimedia, standards washroom, Botanical garden, herbal garden, college buses, seminar halls, auditorium, playground, parking space etc. We are aware that many briight and able students look for best facilities which are usually available in big cities. In the process they lose so much of money and time to adjust with new environment and quiet often they are lost. I am sure Loyola College will satisfy such students.

Loyola College has earned IEQA (Institutional Eligibility for Quality Assessment) status and is asked to prepare S.S.R (Self Study Report) of the Institution by NAAC (National Assessment and AccreditationCouncil) of India. It will be quiet hectic for the institution to present itself before the council. We are confident that college will earn good grading.

In view of the motto of the college “Excellence and Transformation” we continually strive for all round development of the students. To achieve this we have mentoring session on Saturdays, career guidance session, legal guidance session, Yoga, Spiritual activities, tutorials, inter religious activities, sports, spoken English classes, outreach programmes etc. These activities are bearing positive fruits and hence we find our student self-confident and fit in all spheres.

On behalf of the college I invite all parents and guardians to send their sons/daughters to Loyola College to make their life successful.


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