The College aims at

  • Personal Transformation : The fullest possible development of all the God-given talents of each individual person as a member of a human community.
  • Intellectual Transformation : Preparing men and women of competence and excellence through scientific discipline and wellmotivated teaching and learning.
  • Social Transformation : Working to end discrimination among people based on race, religion, gender, ethnic background and social class; to counter poverty and hunger.
  • Political Transformation : Striving to prepare men and women for and with others committed to establish a society wherein prevail truth, justice, freedom, love and peace.
  • Creating Eco-friendly Environment : Promoting ecological sensitivity for a sustainable livelihood.
  • Inter-religious and Cultural Dialogue : Seeking and celebrating what is good, noble and true in all religions and cultures and communicating to students a profound respect for the many ways in which people see the face of God.
  • Spiritual Transformation : Formation in values, attitudes and in ability to evaluate good and evil.

  • Official language of the College is English but lectures are delivered both in English and Hindi.
  • First one and half month is devoted exclusively to teaching spoken English and Computer literacy.
  • All students are expected to be computer literate.
  • All students are expected to be English literate.
  • It is a job-oriented College - Career Guidance sessions will be held so that students are able to prepare for different types of jobs. Placement will be our focus.
  • Outreach programmes like village development, Adult literacy, etc. will be stressed.


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